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"...with absolutely no experience or knowledge of the game. Jimmy is an excellent instructor who knows how to break down a diffcult-to-learn sport into manageable lessons..."

"...amazed at my progress! It's great to know that by learning the correct way to hold the racket, and the correct stroke and form; I am in a great position to continue improving my game..."

" I am now playing much better tennis especially with steady improvement on my backhand and ..."

Agenda (sample)




Beginner Level Objectives

  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Learn racquet gripping and handling
  • Learn stroke production and biomechanics
  • Learn foot movement (foot work)
  • Reinforce fundamentals 

Intermediate Level Objectives

  • Maintain proper hitting form 
  • Strengthen stroke mechanics
  • Develop shot making anticipation
  • Reinforce fundamentals and stroke mechanics
  • Improve foot work

Advance Level Objectives

  • Maximize stroke production and mechanics
  • Learn different styles of play
  • Learn advanced footwork
  • Improve shot making consistency
  • Employ tactics and strategies through match-play scenarios.



 Private Lesson Sample


This is just a sample of a typical private lesson.  Each lesson is customized according to the student's ability, skill, work ethic, and comfort level.  

*Please note, not all lessons have the same objectives.

    Agenda outline

    I.    Introduction

  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Discussion of objectives

   II.    Learn the "stroke of the day"

  • Stroke objectives
  • Shadowing and teaching component
  • 10 shots drill

   III.   Practice

  • Forehand and backhand ground strokes
  • Footwork drills
  • Review fundamentals and objectives

   IV.    Closing

  • Student demonstration of learned objectives
  • Discuss tactical priorities
  • Review and closing

*This agenda presents an outline of how a lesson can be formatted. Keep in mind, different objectives, learning different strokes, or through different means of training practices are taken into account according to your preference and comfort level.